Remotion, Madson Scaut – Flashback [Remixed by Weska]

Remotion, Madson Scaut - Flashback [Remixed by Weska] - Sync Forward SF012
Release Date: October 14, 2017
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After another acclaimed release under its belt with “Prologue”, Sync Forward returns with a fresh techno single by label owners Remotion and Sync Forward’s regular Madson Scaut, including a remix from talent prodigy Weska.

The opening track “Flashback” its immediately recognized by its eighties synthesizing technique, pacey drums and driving bass. Destined for peak time, the breakdown is a classic example of quintessential rolling techno.

The flipside “Half Measures” possesses the kind of dark drive that seems to have been created through some unfathomable chemical reaction, with its heavy percussive brush strokes, and seductive bass giving it that bit of extra depth.

Closing the package we have Weska’s remix of “Flashback”, and we were mesmerized when it arrived at our headquarters. It works on another level with its quirky groove, heavy drums and evolving textures. Slick, infectious, exquisitely remixed.
Undoubtedly another quality release, something that is fast becoming Sync Forward’s most recognizable trademark.