Fredy & D’Joseph, Remotion – Changes

Fredy & D'Joseph, Remotion

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  1. Changes (Original Mix) -:-- / 6:40
  2. Hide Out (Original Mix) -:-- / 6:56
  3. Tell Me (Original Mix) -:-- / 6:21

Sync Forward’s fifth edition is finally here and features another collaboration EP by the Portuguese producers, and label imprint owners Fredy & D’Joseph and Remotion.

After releasing a well-hyped EP last month, featuring two fantastic remixes, the quartet comes back to deliver a new freaky, funky and flavoursome EP highlighting their comprehensive production skills.

The A side Changes is a superb electronic pulsating track, featuring contextualized drum rhythms, with funky snares, seductive ambient waves and a cockney thug vocal that sends the track into new heights, keeping things tight and setting it as one of the most promising of the label so far.

The B side Tell Me is instantly recognized for its distinct organic groove, housey congas and fractured beats in a brilliant execution of rhythm, balancing it all with a sexy robotic vocal creating a hypnotic house track that perfectly encapsulates the meaning of true dance music.

Last but not least is Hide Out the C side of this three piece composition and undoubtedly a very special one. With captivating synths that glide across the haunting echo-laden atmospheres, featuring dreamy deep chords and subtle percussive passages, it displays the intricate and highly sophisticated production techniques of the the two Portuguese duos.

Another extraordinary output by the Sync Forward team that will surely keep their followers eagerly anticipating each forthcoming release from the record label.