Fredy & D’Joseph, Remotion – The Ninja Report

Fredy & D'Joseph, Remotion

Record Details


Sync Forward strikes back unleashing its seventh release, an EP completely influenced by the 90’s jungle sound, establishing itself once again as one of the most exciting labels of the year.

Opening up this breathtaking four track EP is The Ninja Report, a track that possesses the kind of musical magic that will awake the departed from the grave. Perfectly balanced with a captivating blend of dark magic and angry synths its steers itself automatically to the dancefloor, ready to cause mayhem.

The B side Wonders, its a great musical journey showcasing the perfect and magnetic partnership of its creators. Filled with apocalyptic echoes, the track is surrounded by mystery and soaked with organic and vintage synths, developing into a distinct brand of organic House, something already characteristic with the label.

The C side In Luck is a monster of a track; mesmerizing, elegant, featuring fractured beats and an unbelievable reverberating vocal it strikes with unique quality. The spacey FX’s and 90’s junglist synths set up a perfect club banger.

Finishing the whole EP is Jungle, separating itself from the rest of the compilation for its documentary type of intro, it perfectly encapsulates a raw sound padded with soul. Trippy, funky, it sonically captivates the listener intro stratosphere.

It always seems it can’t get better than the last time, but Sync Forward raises the standard once more, presenting the perfect EP for the start of the Winter season.