Freak Out


Record Details


Sync Forward brings the heat back with its 21st release, featuring label co-owners Monotronik, in a brand new EP entitled ‘Freak Out’.

The first track, named after the title ‘Freak Out’, is a fast paced track, with rippling melodic chords and trademark progressive drums. It’s square heavy bass, builds in intensity throughout the track, completely in sync with the the slowly emerging pad and fx’s. The custom made vocal, a definite trademark on this particular track, is recorded by artist Isabella at the label studios, showcasing a studio engineering side to the duo.

The other side, named ‘Alright’ is an acid masterpiece, with artfully selected vocal work, and tight snares that fit perfectly within the overall context of the track. It’s superb and crisp rhythmic chords, in conjunction with the pads and pitch down vocals, make this a track of intricate detail and brilliance, setting up a perfect late club banger.