Dolbytall, Remotion

Record Details

Melodic Techno
Dolbytall Nanites Remotion


  1. Nanites (Original Mix) -:-- / 7:52
  2. Nanites (Remotion Remix) -:-- / 6:08
  3. Fly On Jupiter (Original Mix) -:-- / 8:50

Returning to the label to present another brilliantly executed composition is the French producer Dolbytall and his Nanites EP including a remix by label owners Remotion.

The opening track ‘Nanites’ is remarkably ingenious, with its arpeggiated synth reverberating in juxtaposition to the melodic bass.

The second track is the Remotion remix of ‘Nanites’. In a supreme precedent of sturdy musicianship, they reveal comprehensive drum work on the original, an intricate bassline and a trademark synthesizer.

Closing the ensemble is ‘Fly On Jupiter’ which is unbelievably intense, with its ominous textures and strong driving pulsating synth that keeps on giving.

An accurately elegant package making it an absolute banger of a release.

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