Philipe Venci

Record Details



  1. Teaser (Original Mix) -:-- / 7:46
  2. My Friends (Original Mix) -:-- / 7:01

New Year, new music. Sync Forward returns for 2016 with its eighteenth release, introducing a brand new artist to its catalogue, Philipe Venci.

Delivering an excellent two track EP, Philipe proves he has a fine grasp of groove and good understanding of how to construct quick and slick techno.

Up first is ‘Teaser’, with its busy and bubbly drums, bumpy synths and subtle pads adding to a real sense of interpretation of textures and melody by the producer. The vox fx’s are infectious, and its loose limbed sub bass just perfectly completes the package, making it a favourite at the headquarters.

The other side ‘My Friends’ is a funky fuelled cut with lively percussive drums, house’y vocal bits and abstract rattling snares in the background. It is an ever evolving and shuffling beat that closes out a rich and resonant two track EP.