Remotion – Mixed Signals


Record Details


It’s with great pleasure that Sync Forward announces its 10th release, and this time with an appearance from label owners and techno producers Remotion.

Presenting us with a superbly well executed four-track EP, packed with rhythmic intricacies, Remotion remind us once again why they have risen in popularity over the course of the last year and why they’re taking the techno industry by surprise.

The lead track “Bounce Back” is masterful hypnotic journey, filled with intricate percussive grooves and a driving vocal that just gets you going every time you press play.

The flip side “Mixed Signals” takes you on a supersonic trip for your senses, a techno arpeggiated synth based stroke of genius filled with warping fx’s, clicks and bleeps, all pulled together under the creative warmth of its creators.

The third one “Sandy Island” is a rolling and percussive groove machine. The dense rich textures and almost psychedelic drive to it makes it one of our favorites, a menacing techno composition that surely will not disappoint the hardest techno fans.

Closing the EP there’s “Shadows”, a melodic eerie framework of stripped-back drum grooves that make way for sweeping mutating soundscapes of menacing synths and with a breakdown that is absolutely vicious.

Release after release Sync Forward strategically imposes itself as an all-around quality work label, impressing even the most elitist fans.