Monotronik, Remotion – Dualities

Remotion, Monotronik

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Sync Forward’s fifteenth edition is finally here, featuring “Dualities””, a 4 track EP by label owners Monotronik & Remotion, with each pair delivering 2 stunning originals.

The first one is Monotronik’s “Retro Machines”. Inspired by the eighties video game industry, it shows a refined music style that subdues any listener. With fluid organic drums, stripped back snares and a vintage house synth, it collects the essence of synthesizing to perfection.

Following up is “Scarlet”. Showcasing a more melodic side of the duo, it succeeds brilliantly with its libidinous bass, artfully selected instruments and drenched swing synth stabs that resonate throughout the track. The breakdown is executed in a skillful way, delivering a powerful house jam.

Third in the list is Remotion’’s “Nightshift”. Possessing a kind of musical magic, it’s an intelligent blend of techno and melodic synth work. It evokes a thrilling sensation of flight with choral and apocalyptic echoes in the back, breathing melancholic pulses in an inspired direction.

Last but not least, is “Shades. This one is simply unbelievable. Quintessential techno, a contextualised hypnotic groove, with an undulating bass line; a masterpiece of a track. The breakdown synth feels like electronic psychosis, with ominous percussions, definitely a firm favourite with the crowds.

A truly brilliant release, Sync Forward further showing, that it’s a serious contender, through its constant quality and consistency.