Sequence Two VA

Andy Caz, Dj Blaze, Gear, Philipe Venci

Record Details



  1. Around The Bay (Original Mix) -:-- / 6:51
  2. Very Dope (Original Mix) -:-- / 7:29
  3. G Move (Original Mix) -:-- / 6:09
  4. No (Original Mix) -:-- / 7:29

Next to come from the esteemed Sync Forward stable is the second instalment of our signature VA – Sequence Two – a composition of futuristic beats with four cuts of understated house music this time featuring four different local producers.

The first track ‘Around the Bay’, hails from the fast rising talent, Andy Caz. Superbly executed, with its elegant rhythmic production, minimal textures and distinctive bass, it proves he has a fine grasp on electronic composition and a rich understanding on making creativity meet complexity.

Debuting at the label, Dj Blaze delivers ‘Very Dope’, a straight dark tech house club track, with an unbelievable abstract structure and a growling disengaged bass. The ominous vocal work, with its snippets and dramatic effects, just complements the underlaying layers of percussion and evolving synths.

Up next is ‘G Move’ a brilliantly engineered production forthcoming from the talented GEAR. With its slightly off marked percussion, rolling bass, and old-school Chicago chord, it absolutely mesmerized us. Exquisite, superlative rawness.

Lastly is Philipe Venci minimal madness entitled ‘No’. An irresistible minimalistic production, replete with hypnotic bleeps, and dark pads glowing in the distance. Shimmering percussive patterns are layered up, ever evolving and ever thriving closing this beautiful modern EP.

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