Remotion – Trust (Incl. M. Fukuda & M.I.T.A. Remixes)


Record Details



  1. Trust -:-- / 6:30
  2. Pulse Rate -:-- / 6:30
  3. Now & Then -:-- / 6:30
  4. Trust (M. Fukuda Remix) -:-- / 7:08
  5. Pulse Rate (M.I.T.A. Remix) -:-- / 6:55

Following up Sync Forward’s massive debut release “Drop Check’em”, SF002 presents “Trust”, featuring 3 originals by Portuguese upcoming Techno duo, Remotion together with remixes by M. Fukuda and M.I.T.A. The original tracks show the darker side of techno, with trippy synths, full fat hypnotic drums and heavy bass lines, something that is already a trademark to Remotion’s music. M. Fukuda doesn’t disappoint with a brilliant take over on “Trust”, showing a funkier side with seductive grooves that will subdue anyone that listens to it. To finish this release M.I.T.A. delivered a heavy-duty remix of “Pulse Rate”, filled with rumbling synths and a powerful low end making sure that will knockout even the most knowledgeable techno listeners.