Another Freak – Magnetic (Available Now)


Next up on Sync Forward is the introduction of French DJ and Producer – Another Freak – with an astonishingly well executed EP entitled MAGNETIC.

The first track by the same name, features elaborate layers of composition over a transcendent and enigmatic vibe, combining the finest deep and evolving melodies with intricate percussion and an inclusive groove that is meticulously tempting.

‘Odyssey’ is a prodigious, experimental and remarkable track, intoxicatingly unconventional in its essence, featuring a mesmerizing melody that engulfs the listener in a dreamy experience.

The third track ‘Alchemy’ with its epic mesmerizing synth, and minimal oriented drum arrangement, it enjoys a kind of nimble quality, that complements it flawlessly.

Closing up is ‘Ride The Snake’ a distinctive and exceptional composition, unified by its sticky bass and menacing synth work.

A gratifyingly intricate EP that guarantees another solid release from the label.

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R/Tistique – Synergy (Available Now)


Sync Forward returns to present the debut EP of Dutch DJ and Producer R/Tistique. Following up on his successful single at the last Sync Forward VA, he delivered four incredible pristine techno tracks, showcasing the talent and creativity to ensure another solid release.

The first track ‘Synergy’ starts innocently enough, with its arpeggiated synthesizer echoing in the background, but once it drops it rises to new heights, with intricate percussive grooves and a driving pulsating synth that keeps on giving.

‘Vision’ opens up with a smooth and gradual progression, that hypnotises the listener. With its multi-layered melodies and elaborated breakdown, the result is nothing short than a dreamlike techno bomb.

The third track ‘Escalation’ has a murky submerged feel in contrast, utilising a subtle rising synth and squelching bass, working wonderfully with the drum based percussion and the rising pad carrying things along.

Rounding up the package is ‘Moment of Truth’, an absolute monster of a track, with a vicious chord progression and stripped-back drums. The dense and complex textures give it an eerie feeling and a complex musicality that brims with rave and techno spirit in another compact and rich EP for the Portuguese label.

Catch the full release here.

Sequence Three VA – Available Now


Next to come from the esteemed Sync Forward label is the third instalment of our signature release – Sequence Three – a superb VA with four cuts of understated techno featuring 4 different music producers.

The first track is brought to you by label co-owners Remotion, and it’s an epic hypnotic, brilliantly produced track. The unmistakable bass is immediately recognized by it’s grinding lfo, but the definite highlight is the almost psychedelic synth that drives the track forward in a well accomplished piece of musicianship.

Next is ‘Boa Constrictor’ by Monotronik. Superbly executed, it’s a fantastically low-end oriented track, inspired by the junglist sounds of the 90’s. Dark and melodic, the breakdown really is special with it’s evolving dreamy synths and provocative percussion.

The third original hails from the mediterranean coastal city of Valencia, brought to you by a Sync Forward favourite – Hen Greca. Titled ‘Switch’, it’s a seductive minimal banger, with its driving fluttering stab and hypnotic vox, that sends the track into new heights as it keeps evolving with brilliantly executed details.

Making his debut at the label and closing this VA is Amsterdam based – R/Tistique. From the moment you hear ‘Prophecy’ you know you’re on your way to a treat. Melodic, spacial, it really takes you by surprise with its pad’s and synths working so well, each listen disclosing a litte more, closing this beautiful modern EP.