Klines, Remotion

Record Details



  1. Armour -:-- / -:--
  2. Atomizer -:-- / -:--
  3. LV-B3 -:-- / -:--
  4. LV-B3 (Remotion Remix) -:-- / -:--

Sync Forward’s 34th release features the EP of British producer KLINES including a remix from label owner’s Remotion.

The opening track – Armour – is an example of unbridled Techno mastery, with its dark textures and a pulsating synth. 

The second track entitled Atomizer has a unique sound, industrial in nature and unified by its sinister sound design and massive sultry bass. 

Following up is LV-3B, with its ominously low drums, in juxtaposition to its bright synth work, the undulating bass extremely well executed balancing the wide-ranging frequency spectrum. 

Closing the EP is the Remotion remix of LV-3B, a very well achieved composition on its own, paying a beautiful homage to the original one. The progressive stab chord in conjunction with the intense main drop showcases a truly brilliant reinterpretation.