Fredy & D'Joseph, Remotion

Record Details



  1. Prologue (Original Mix) -:-- / 5:42
  2. Abyss (Original Mix) -:-- / 5:50
  3. Sight (Original Mix) -:-- / 6:25
  4. Cause (Original Mix) -:-- / 5:57

Summer is over. Autumn is upon us. Sync Forward took a much needed summer break to come back with a four track EP by the usual suspects, Fredy & D’Joseph and Remotion.

The first track “Prologue” is superb and crisp rich composition, combining elegant rhythmic synths and a sinister vocal, where minimal textures meet fluid abstract percussions, turning it into the lead track in our latest release.

Following up is”Abyss”, a track with a slightly darker tone that can be characterized by it’s minimal percussion, distinctive chimes and dramatic synths stabs, a track of intricate and sophisticated detail.

The third on the list, “Sight” with its arpeggiated supersonic synths captivates the listener at first impression. It’s slightly off-mark percussion and tougher bassline work, showcases the production skills of the four Sync Forward members.

Closing the release, “Cause” is a deep and murky groover with signature vintage pads and rich synth composition. It’s rolling hats and light percussion grinds underneath making it the absolute rolling track.