John Deluxe

Record Details



  1. Etna (Original Mix) -:-- / 7:01
  2. Hold Up (Original Mix) -:-- / 6:46

Sync Forward returns to present the debut release of upcoming producer John Deluxe at the label.
A fellow countryman based in Aveiro delivers two stunning tracks of a minimal and techno blend, that strikes right at the center, in what we consider a well-balanced single.

The first track Etna, starts innocently enough before it evolves into an epic synth hypnotic experience, with a minimal oriented drum arrangement, and a floating soundscape in the background. The intensity of the breakdown delving deeper and deeper, it anchors perfectly with the striped back vox.

Following is Hold Up, an experimental and percussive production, with a truly irresistible groove. The tingling chord in the back and the abstract growling sounds, perfectly encapsulate the artist’s attention to detail and form. A track that will stand out it any late night set.