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Next up on Sync Forward is the much awaited return of Portuguese rising talent Monotronik, with the delivery of their brand new EP entitled “Mandala”.

The lead track, “Mandala” is an oriental inspired masterpiece, showcasing the duo’s more melodic side. With fluid and organic drums, the main synth pulsates throughout the track with a striking vocal, reaching it’s climax with the breakdown and beautifully executed piano solo.

The second track entitled “Rush Hour” strikes immediately for its artfully selected percussion and loose limbed sub bass, counterweighting perfectly with the contrasting melodic synth in the back. The breakdown with it’s long driving bass delves deeper until eventually drops brilliantly with the sound a docking train, anchoring perfectly with the overall theme of this composition.

Next is “So Much To Give” definitely the more gritty of the four with it’s raw and distorted bass line and dry percussion. Perfectly balanced with a captivating blend of rolling drums and angry synths, it stirs itself automatically to the dance floor. The break down is soaked in musicality with well-thought synthesizers delivering a real sense of engineering artistry.

Last but not least is “Heatwave” a mesmerizing and elegant track that features a soul drenched vocal and progressive bass. With it’s dreamy chords and subtle percussion it possesses a kind of dark texture, that complements the rest of the EP perfectly.

A distinct yet rich unique package making it an absolute banger of a release.