Pek, Remotion

Record Details



  1. Colossus (Original Mix) -:-- / 7:29
  2. Heaven (Original Mix) -:-- / 8:07
  3. Distortion (Original Mix) -:-- / 7:56
  4. Colossus (Remotion Remix) -:-- / 7:01

With only a month left for the official start of Summer, Sync Forward comes back to unveil it’s 25th release, by none other than Portuguese rising star Pek, delivering a stunning three track EP with a remix in-house by label co-owners Remotion.

The first track entitled Colossus, is a hypnotic masterpiece, with a very distinct allure. The rolling bassline and eerie synth fx’s echoing in the background, complement perfectly the main driving rave based synthesizer.

Up next comes ‘Heaven’, a laid-back but powerful in-depth composition, filled with underlying percussion and a mysterious synthesizer. It progresses over a propulsive beat reaching a cinematic yet intense climax.

Closing the originals is Distortion. Fusing minimalistic sounds with crisp sounding basses it propels forward with hypnotic synth hooks, ambiance sounds and live instrumentation.

Last but not least is the Remotion remix of Colossus. In a perfect example of hefty musicianship, they develop expansive drum work on the original, an elaborated bassline and a trademark synthesizer.

A distinctly yet rich package making it an absolute banger of a release.