Sons Of Robots, Remotion

Record Details



  1. Emerald (Original Mix) -:-- / 6:44
  2. Shimmers (Original Mix) -:-- / 6:47
  3. Innerwall (Original Mix) -:-- / 7:18
  4. Emerald (Remotion Remix) -:-- / 7:45

Sync Forward’s 22nd catalogue release features the debut of the absolutely talented duo Sons of Robots. Hailing from Italy, they presented us with two unique, ominous and shadowy techno tracks, with label owner’s Remotion responsible for the remix.

The A Side ‘Emerald’ is a superbly executed production, packed with intricate details, a hypnotic ride from start to finish. Abstract and spacious it gets all the condiments right to create a well-constructed and compelling techno track. The main break is unbelievable and a definite feature.

The B Side ‘Shimmers’ brings you a fantastically well executed low-end oriented track, impressing the listener with an epic dose of tasteful music. The playful synthesizers, driven in its nature, complement the minimalistic drums giving it a special edge and adding an element of surprise in every bar.

The last original composition, entitled “Innerwall” is a techno minimalistic oriented track, succeeding brilliant with its contagious rolling bass line and that pulsating stab. The driving drums, and artfully selected percussion, dissolve into a spacious breakdown, with a rising throbbing high-pitch synthesizer that just counterweights the heaviness of this beautifully executed track.

Last but not least, Remotion presented platinum in the purest sense of the word with a brilliant reinterpretation of ‘Emerald’, featuring the funkiest of bass lines and the sharpest of drums. Cleverly arranged, with its dense text textures and psychedelic synths, it’s a beautiful rendition of the original and one that complements the release flawlessly.