Tonaco, Remotion

Record Details

Melodic Techno


  1. Aurora (Original Mix) -:-- / 5:58
  2. Aurora (Remotion Remix) -:-- / 6:18
  3. Beethoven (Original Mix) -:-- / 6:53
  4. Orto (Original Mix) -:-- / 6:23

After the last acclaimed release under its belt, Sync Forward returns with a fresh batch of music by presenting the debut of Brazilian producer – Tonaco!

The opening track ‘Aurora’ its instantly recognized by its progressive synthesizing technique, pacey drums, and pounding bass. Destined for peak time, the breakdown is a classic example of quintessential production.

The second track, the Remotion remix of ‘Aurora’, is a distinctive and exceptional composition, unified by its sticky bass and menacing synth work.

The third one ‘Beethoven’ possesses the kind of dark drive that we have grown accustomed at the label, with its heavy percussive brush strokes, and seductive bass giving it that bit of extra depth.

Closing up is ‘Orto’ which works on another level with its quirky groove, heavy drums, and evolving chord progressions. Smooth, irresistible, and cleverly well accomplished.

A gratifyingly intricate EP that guarantees another solid release from the label.