Sync Forward Podcast 085 – Hen Greca


The Sync Forward Podcasts are back this week with the Spanish artist Hen Greca, showcasing his DJ skills and promoting his forthcoming release on Sync Forward ‘Inside Girl‘.

How did it all start?
It all started around 10 years ago in the nightclubs of my native city of Valencia, Spain, where I learned to understand and appreciate underground culture as a clubber. It wasn’t long after that I started DJing.

What’s your gear in the studio?
At the moment I’m working with a Mac Mini and a MOTU UltraLite mk3 soundcard. I’ve also been using the PO 12 – Rhythm a lot lately.

What’s behind your creative process?
Well, I don’t think I currently have a single defined process, and if I’m honest I think the best option is just to practice as much as you can so you may have all the weapons available when faced with adversity.

What’s your hometown music scene like?
I would say here in Essen it’s very Techno orientated but you can also find very good parties house music or minimal.

Which labels are you currently working with?
Little Helpers.

What are your future plans?
Tomorrow I will get up early, will open Ableton and start making music. Those are my only immediate and future goals!