R/Tistique – Synergy (Available Now)


Sync Forward returns to present the debut EP of Dutch DJ and Producer R/Tistique. Following up on his successful single at the last Sync Forward VA, he delivered four incredible pristine techno tracks, showcasing the talent and creativity to ensure another solid release.

The first track ‘Synergy’ starts innocently enough, with its arpeggiated synthesizer echoing in the background, but once it drops it rises to new heights, with intricate percussive grooves and a driving pulsating synth that keeps on giving.

‘Vision’ opens up with a smooth and gradual progression, that hypnotises the listener. With its multi-layered melodies and elaborated breakdown, the result is nothing short than a dreamlike techno bomb.

The third track ‘Escalation’ has a murky submerged feel in contrast, utilising a subtle rising synth and squelching bass, working wonderfully with the drum based percussion and the rising pad carrying things along.

Rounding up the package is ‘Moment of Truth’, an absolute monster of a track, with a vicious chord progression and stripped-back drums. The dense and complex textures give it an eerie feeling and a complex musicality that brims with rave and techno spirit in another compact and rich EP for the Portuguese label.

Catch the full release here.

Sync Forward Podcast 083 – Pek


Episode 83 of the podcasts is up plus an interview with our forthcoming artist Pek where we talk about how he began to make music, his creative process and what the future holds for him.

How did it all start?
I started DJing around the age of 17 and was over the years influenced by several artists of different musical styles, not only of Electronic Music but also in Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues and Hip-Hop. My love for music began as a small kid listening to my mother’s old vinyl albums, but it was really from 2012 that I became interested in trying to understand how the creative process of musical creation is done and I took classes in Musical Production with one of my biggest inspirations and mentor Alex FX.
That’s when my project Pek starts (an old nickname that I think adapts to the style). The purpose of this project is to show my musical influences at the precise moment of the creation of any of my works. I do not like attaching myself to styles or to a specific line of creation. Above all I value the freedom of artistic creation and a constant modification of sonority in what I do.

What’s your gear in the studio?
At the moment I’m in the process of rebuilding my studio (which is almost constant) but I’m currently working with Ableton Live 9 which I use with Push, and Logic Pro X. I have a RME Fireface UFX + a Moog Sub 37 and a Korg Minilogue as well. I also really like Komplete 11, specially Reaktor, Monark and Guitar Rig for delays and Lexicon Reverbs. I seriously recommend the Waves bundle, a constant feature in my studio. And I couldn’t leave the Arturia Beatstep Pro out as well.

What’s behind your creative process?
Before starting any track, I always tend to listen to a lot of music. I pick up old albums and try to draw inspiration for melodies. So I would say my music is constantly changing because my inspirations are always from different places, and melodic techno is what is fascinating me the most at the moment.

What’s your hometown music scene like?
I can consider myself lucky to have been born in a country with a remarkable electronic music culture: Portugal. And since I am from the magnificent city of Porto, I am even luckier because of the variety of musical choices within this city. With the investment in the area of tourism, several places were created where it is possible to listen to different types of music (not just electronic), and some of these are on the list of the best European clubs. Sometimes we still have a slightly closed mindset for new musical strands that are emerging. But I think that this is gradually changing with the appearance of new artists that are marking the national music scene.

Which labels are you currently working with?
Right now, I’m mostly working for my label KUK where I recently released a full artist album and 2 remix albums with really talented artists, and now I’m preparing a new album. But I was really fortunate to get invited to do an EP – Colossus – for the amazing Portuguese label Sync Forward. I’m really looking forward to it because I really think it’s one of my best works and really shows the change in sound I’m going through right now.

What are your future plans?
My main goals for the future are to grow my label, expand myself as an artist and prepare my live act which I’m currently working on. And of course, get even more gear!