Sync Forward Podcast 088 – Pascal M


Pascal M. is known for finest Techno and Techhouse – not only in his hometown Oldenburg.

Starting off as a barkeeper in 2007 at Oldenburgs oldest Techno club he quickly found his way to the booth, learning everything about Technics 1210s, CDJs and DJing in general, creating his own own, distinctive style from scratch in endless hours of practicing. His ambition soon earned him lots of bookings in local venues, where his „sinister, yet playful and always spontaneous“ sound never fails to take the crowd on a journey throughout his set.

Now, 6 years into his career and hundreds of gigs later, it still is the same ambition that sets him apart from the rest: Always on the lookout for new tracks and new styles, open to be influenced by music of all genres and – just as important – always connected to the crowd on the dancefloor, making every set on every night a special experience for everyone involved.

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Sync Forward Podcast 087 – Fernie


The podcasts are back with an exclusive mix from Fernie, showcasing his next EP on Sync Forward EUGENICS.

Fernie has been producing tracks since 2002 with a number of releases and genre challenging entries his discography presents a plethora of different soundscapes. With releases on labels such as Bonzai and Scotlands own 23rd Precinct and DJ plays across the electronic music spectrum he continues to push the boundaries.

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Sync Forward Podcast 086 – Paul Rodner

sync forward podcast paul rodner

This week we welcome back our fellow countryman and friend of the label Paul Rodner that brings us a one hour mix filled with groove and energetic beats!

How did it all start?
It all started when I was 11 years old and first heard about electronic music through my older brother. It was love at first hearing. After that, me and my friends had garage parties until I finally had my first gig at Vaticano Club in Barcelos, one of the most emblematic clubs in Portugal.

What’s your gear in the studio?
In my studio I have the essential, my Macbook, Genelec monitors, Sennheiser Headphones, Akai midi and a Focusrite sound card. I also use a lot of Vsts like Massive, Arturia, Sylenth, among many others.

What’s behind your creative process?
I try to be loyal to my identity and always like to start with a rhythmic loop that will give flow to my track. That does not always mean I will produce the same genre, but I do try to stay within my musical line.

What’s your hometown music scene like?
I’m from the beautiful and historical Portuguese city of Barcelos. Unfortunetaly there is not much to choose, with the only clubs available being the Vaticano Club and Club 118. The last one is very successful nationwide. I already played there and the atmosphere is incredible!

Which labels are you currently working with?
At the moment, I’m not working for any label. I paused a bit to acquire knowledge, but I`ve worked for labels like Deeperfect Records by Stefano Noferini, Incorrect Music by Anthony Attalla, Bitten by 2000 and One and Sandy Huner, the last Ep reached the top 100 Tech House in Beatport with the tracks “Black magic” and “I Believe in My Dream”.

What are your future plans?
I don`t like to make plans for the future. I like to live day by day, but of course I dream of being a great reference worldwide. For this I have to show work and here I am for this, to fight for my dreams.