Sync Forward Podcast 088 – Pascal M


Pascal M. is known for finest Techno and Techhouse – not only in his hometown Oldenburg.

Starting off as a barkeeper in 2007 at Oldenburgs oldest Techno club he quickly found his way to the booth, learning everything about Technics 1210s, CDJs and DJing in general, creating his own own, distinctive style from scratch in endless hours of practicing. His ambition soon earned him lots of bookings in local venues, where his „sinister, yet playful and always spontaneous“ sound never fails to take the crowd on a journey throughout his set.

Now, 6 years into his career and hundreds of gigs later, it still is the same ambition that sets him apart from the rest: Always on the lookout for new tracks and new styles, open to be influenced by music of all genres and – just as important – always connected to the crowd on the dancefloor, making every set on every night a special experience for everyone involved.

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Sequence Three VA – Available Now


Next to come from the esteemed Sync Forward label is the third instalment of our signature release – Sequence Three – a superb VA with four cuts of understated techno featuring 4 different music producers.

The first track is brought to you by label co-owners Remotion, and it’s an epic hypnotic, brilliantly produced track. The unmistakable bass is immediately recognized by it’s grinding lfo, but the definite highlight is the almost psychedelic synth that drives the track forward in a well accomplished piece of musicianship.

Next is ‘Boa Constrictor’ by Monotronik. Superbly executed, it’s a fantastically low-end oriented track, inspired by the junglist sounds of the 90’s. Dark and melodic, the breakdown really is special with it’s evolving dreamy synths and provocative percussion.

The third original hails from the mediterranean coastal city of Valencia, brought to you by a Sync Forward favourite – Hen Greca. Titled ‘Switch’, it’s a seductive minimal banger, with its driving fluttering stab and hypnotic vox, that sends the track into new heights as it keeps evolving with brilliantly executed details.

Making his debut at the label and closing this VA is Amsterdam based – R/Tistique. From the moment you hear ‘Prophecy’ you know you’re on your way to a treat. Melodic, spacial, it really takes you by surprise with its pad’s and synths working so well, each listen disclosing a litte more, closing this beautiful modern EP.