UNCAST #2: Monotronik


Earlier this year, on the 20th of May, Monotronik recorded a mix for Uncast LiveStream featuring their new remix for Pedro Walter, just released at Unnamed & Unknown. The set is one and a half hours, and features tracks from artists such as Waff, Pax, Low Steppa, Whitesquares among many others. Enjoy it.

01. Josh Brown – Peeling Grapes With Your Toes (Original Mix)
02. Frag Maddin – Up To You (Original Mix)
03. Beanfield – Tides (ItaloBros Edit)
04. Mant – Really Was (Original Mix)
05. Monotronik – Bad Company (Original Mix)
06. DEL-30 – Judgemental (Original Mix)
07. Monotronik – Stab Party (Original Mix)
08. Low Steppa – I Won’t Stop (Low Steppa’s Extended After Housrs Mix)
09. Tori Amos – Professional WIdow (Louie Anderson Basement Edit)
10. Monotronik – Do To Me (Original Mix)
11. PAX – Over Me (Original Mix)
12. House With Me feat Parris Mitchell (Andrea Oliva Remix)
13. Pedro Walter – Unsuspected Scene (Monotronik Remix)
14. Wade – They Know (Original Mix)
15. Remotion – Bad Shape (Monotronik Remix)
16. Whitesquare – Stills (Original Mix)
17. Monotronik – Mandala (Original Mix)
18. wAFF – Ibiza (Original Mix)
19. Monotronik – Rush Hour (Original Mix)